1. Why use the blown-in method of installation for landscape mulch?
    • It saves time and money
    • Efficient distribution of mulch requires approximately 18% less material
    • Requires fraction of the time to install versus hand install
    • No mulch pile in driveway/parking lots
    • Less intrusive: only two workers involved, less trucks and other equipment involved
    • Installation does not interrupt normal business practices
    • Cost effective: material/labor/taxes/fees all included in one low price
    • Finer ground texture results in a smoother finish that looks pristine
    • Longer lasting cover than pine straw and looks the same year round unlike pine straw
  2. What are the colors of mulch I can get?

    We install red, black, or brown dyed hardwood mulch, natural hardwood mulch, or cypress mulch.

  3. Is there a minimum # of cubic yards to order to use the blown-in method of installation?

    We do have a minimum # of cubic yards in order to use the blown-in method depending on the season.

  4. How long does the mulch last?

    Typically the mulch is colorfast for 12 months depending on personal taste. Return maintenance applications are usually installed 12 to 18 months after initial installation.

  5. How do I know what depth of mulch to use?

    The depth can be determined depending on the contour and texture of the landscape beds. Usually a 2” to 3” depth is recommended and maintenance applications installed over existing mulch would be 1 ½” depth.

  6. How do I know how much mulch I would need?

    You can use our mulch calculator on our website to determine an approximate amount of material you will need. When you are taking your own measurements of your landscape beds, you can use this formula to determine the # of cubic yards of mulch you will need: length x width = square footage divide by 324 multiply by the number of inches (depth desired)

  7. How do I prepare my landscape beds to be mulched?

    It would be helpful to apply a weed killer prior to mulch installation and removing all leaves in the mulch beds will require less mulch.

  8. Can the blown-in method of installation be used over existing pine straw?

    We can mulch over existing pine straw; mulch depth required will depend on thickness of pine straw.

  9. What type of landscape projects can utilize the blown-in method of installation?

    Commercial and residential properties can use the blown-in method of installation.