1. Why choose to have your mulch blown-in?
    • Efficient distribution of mulch requires approximately 18% less material
    • Requires fraction of the time to install versus hand install
    • No mulch pile in parking lot taking up valuable parking spaces
    • Less intrusive; no fences to take down and no equipment on your playground
    • Only two workers used to install mulch
    • Installation allows normal playground usage for children
    • Finely ground texture results in higher inspector satisfaction and less risk of injury
  2. What type of safety surfacing should I choose for my playground?

    IPEMA certified mulch which is made up of debarked virgin logs in a small chipped size, is wheelchair accessible and free of chemicals and other contaminates. (ASTM F2075 and ASTM F1292 – certificates can be provided)

  3. What depth should I have blown-in on my playground?
    Our estimator will obtain accurate measurements of each playground and determine the appropriate number of cubic yards of mulch needed to comply with State guidelines.
  4. How long does it take to install the mulch?
    It only takes a matter of hours versus days depending on the project.
  5. How long does the mulch last if it is blown-in?
    Playgrounds are typically serviced (maintenance applications) every 6 months to one year depending on the amount of use.
  6. Can the playground mulch be blown-in if it is raining?
    Yes, all playground mulches can be blown-in rain or shine.
  7. What types of customers utilize the blown-in method of installation?

    Childcare centers, churches, private schools, public school systems, Homeowner Associations, City/County/State parks’ playgrounds.